Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.




Standardized testing can be a source of considerable stress.  The questions don't look like anything you've seen in school.  You're being tested on math that you haven't thought about since freshman year.  Even if you do understand the test, how are you supposed to finish so many questions in so little time?  Or maybe three hours and thirty minutes feels like an eternity that you'd rather spend doing anything else.  To top it all off, you're being told that this single test will determine your future success or failure.  That is a lot  of pressure to deal with on your own!  

I aim to demystify the test and support students by helping them to:

- Understand the test format

- Address gaps in comprehending content

- Create a clear structure for studying 

- Identify goals and measure progress

For test-prep, I recommend six to eight, two-hour sessions. I tell students and families that they can typically expect a 3-5 point increase in ACT scores and a 100-200 point increase in SAT scores.  (I, personally, scored in the 95th percentile on the SAT.)  Students starting with mid-range scores tend to experience the most significant improvements.  

Although standardized testing can feel overwhelming, a bit of guidance and support makes a world of difference.  




Hello there!  My name is Lauren.  I have over four years of experience working as a tutor in the Chicago-land area.  I currently offer assistance in: 


- Test prep (ACT and SAT- all sections)

- Writing (admissions essays, academic essays)

- Thesis and dissertation editing (APA, MLA and Chicago formats) 


I specialize in working with students who may be struggling with special needs related to mental health, physical disability or chronic illness.

I am experienced in assisting students and writers who speak English as a second language.


Besides tutoring, I have over seven years of experience working with youth in academic and social services settings.  I have worked as an intern clinical therapist at Hinsdale Community House Counseling Center, an after-school teacher at Urban Prairie Waldorf, a co-leader in outdoor adventure programs at Chicago Voyagers and a respite worker at Pillars Community Health.

I have worked as an editor of documents used in medical litigation cases and have published original articles through Newcity Chicago.


I hold a bachelor's degree in creative writing from Beloit College and a master's degree in social work from Dominican University.



TEL: 253.228.5365  |  LaurenElizabethTutoring@gmail.com